Your Kiwi Vision Fructified

Hi! I am Kiwo the friendly Kiwi Mascot at IG Kiwi. Join me and IG Kiwi as we foster a health revolution of sorts with the help of the superfruit we all know as the kiwi. We at IGKiwi are calling it the Kiwolution!

The Fuzzy Superfood that Packs a Punch!

Rich in vitamins C, E & K, along with potassium and fiber, a serving of kiwi packs in more health punch than most breakfast options of today. The oval super fruit not only builds up our insides but with its unique abilities to promote sleep, improve skin texture and lower blood pressure, makes us look good and feel confident from the outside. Now that’s what we call a slice of holistic health!


The IG Kiwi Kiwolution

From the farm to the slice! With the emerald insides of a kiwi promising so much green health we at IGKiwi were fuelled by a desire to source its benefits to our customers and that too for the better part of the year. That’s why we have come to source our kiwis from the bountiful orchards of countries like Italy, Greece and Chile. The diverse geography, unique climate and high production standards of these production centers help us to deliver Kiwis with superior shelf-life, high nutritional content and unmatched taste closest to what nature has meant it to be and that too all through the year.


The Company Powering IG Kiwi

No one understands fresh produce import/export like IG International does. With over half a century of experience and expertise in delivering fresh produce with minimal wastage to our customers, we at IG have positioned ourselves as the top choice for suppliers of fruits in the international market.

With our fresh produce procurement spanning 22 countries and handling capacities of over 31 varieties of fruits, IG International has established its mettle in delivering on the diversified tastes of the Indian markets each time. Our annual volumes that exceed 80000MT are distributed through our fleet of 70 reefer trucks to our 28 state of the art wholesale outlets and temperature controlled warehousing facilities across India.

With IG Kiwi we invite our suppliers to join us as we through our experience and expertise ensure that your kiwi finds the best value in the right market.Find Our More